Pool/Spa FAQ

Q:  “Do I need to dump my spa water out before I start the EcoOne Spa System?”

A:.  No. EcoOne was created to be compatible with most spa water treatments. However, if you use a BIGUANIDE (“Iguana”) system, we do recommend dumping the water out, cleaning your spa shell and starting with new water.  This is because of the BIGUANIDE chemical composition.

Q: “Is EcoOne an enzyme system?”

A:  No.  Our SPA Monthly does contain trace amounts of naturally occurring enzymes, but our EcoOne Spa Water System is not enzyme based.

Q: Is EcoOne a salt-based system?”

A:  No. EcoOne is a system that relies on naturally occurring raw ingredients (for ex: coconut surfactants in SPA Monthly).

Q: “Why does the EcoOne Spa System only contains 6 main products and other companies have 10-20 products to their program to maintain a clean spa?”

A:  EcoOne believes in simplicity.  With the EcoOne Spa Water System, you don’t need a bunch of other chemicals (such as metal removers, clarifiers, scum digesters, etc.) to maintain a clean and healthy spa. We made our system simple, easy to use and effective in order to reduce people’s exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

Q:  “What exactly is SPA Monthly? How does it work?”

A: SPA Monthly is a natural sequestering agent.  That is, it’s a flocking agent that literally “grabs” body oils, dirt, scum, etc. found in spa water and takes it to the spa filter. This makes the spa filter do its job:  to keep the water crystal clean. SPA Monthly contains coconut surfactants, which acts like water and skin conditioner, preventing scum formation. It’s also non-foaming. SPA Monthly is great for people with sensitive skin or chemical sensitivities.

Q:  “Is SPA Monthly all natural?”

A:. Yes. SPA Monthly is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients such as food grade coconut oil. SPA Monthly is biodegradable; environmentally safe; and excellent for people with sensitive skin or who want to reduce their exposure to sanitizers/shock as it helps to reduce the amount needed.  You still need to use some type of sanitizer/shock in your spa – but not as much.

Q: “How many ounces are in each ONEshock™ packet?”

A:.  Each ONEshock™ packet contains ¼ oz. of product.

Q: “What makes your HOSE filter so special?”

A:  It’s a dual chamber design (many hose filters are one chamber).  Because of the dual chamber design, our HOSE filter can remove organic contaminants (such as arsenic, VOCs, pesticides, chlorine, etc) in addition to metal contaminants found in water (such as lead, mercury, copper, iron, etc.).  This means that you don’t need to use harsh metal removers in your spa or pool water.

Q: “Does your HOSE filter work on hard water? Can it be used with well water?”

A:  Our HOSE filter works with hard or soft water, city or well water.  It connects easily to any garden hose.

Q: “Can I use regular household cleaners to clean my spa shell?”

A:. No!  Using household cleaners to clean your spa shell will leave residue in your spa, which will eventually make its way into your spa filter and pumps. Also, many spa manufactures will void spa warranties due to the damage common household cleaners may cause to your spa.  We recommend using our SHELL cleaner. It’s a non-foaming, all natural, non-toxic formula that will clean your spa shell squeaky clean without harming your spa.


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