ONEshock Sanitizer/Shock Combo

World’s 1st pre-measured, self dissolving spa/shock combo packet

ONEshock™ is the world’s first self-dissolving, pre-measured spa sanitizer/shock combo packet. It is a revolutionary, unique to the market, ‘hands off’ shock / sanitizer combo.

Simply toss 1-2 self-dissolving packets of ONEshock into spa water once a week (see instructions, will depend on spa usage).  ONEshock will keep your spa water clean, clear and bacteria-free.

Yes, it’s really that simple!

  • Destroys organic contaminants
  • No chlorine dust
  • Restores water clarity
  • No residue or sendiment in spa water
  • Kills bacteria
  • Fast acting
  • Toss packet into spa water – it automatically dissolves

Contains 68 packets (1 lb.)

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